What’s in my heart ♥ . . . on Christmas 2017

Popping in this very day of Christmas and decided to write a short blog post of what is in my heart ♥, this Christmas season!

So, it’s exactly 1 year since I wrote this blog post and yes it’s been one year since I’ve been a stay-at-home wife. When I look back, it feels like only yesterday that I bid goodbye to NDC, visited home for surprise vacation, back to Abu Dhabi again and tried my luck for a new job.

There was scarcity, I couldn’t believe that in 4-5 months I only received a couple of calls that didn’t materialized. Then I delivered a talk for the HFL (Handmaids for Family & Life) CLS wherein one of the participants was a teacher of a Philippine school. I mentioned during the talk that I was looking for a job and truth be told, they have such vacancy for that specific major that I am in to. To make the long story short, I was hired but it will only commence on September of this year.

Come September, I started for a whole week of Teacher’s training. Week 2 kicked off too, but in the twist of events, I was forced to give up the job. October came and Kokobear was scheduled for 3 interviews!!! Made me think, it’s not my year – – –  this is for him. He bagged one of them that has made me conclude that EVERYTHING REALLY HAPPENS for a REASON! God closes a door and opens new one! Sharing this story in my furture blog very soon.


So what’s in my heart? ♥ this Christmas 2017?

#InMyHeart ♥ is nothing but being GRATEFUL!!! 

I may be jobless, nevertheless I am so full of love, hope and still grateful.

  • I am healthy.
  • My family is complete, safe and healthy.
  • I am loved by my husband (and taken care well too!) :D – happy wife happy life! hehehe
  • My brother is getting married and will soon be a father – that makes me an official aunt too :D
  • I have family & friends that never lost the touch eventhough I am miles away.
  • #IamJMKayne passion project is progressive and started collab works.
  • God has used us for the upcoming community event for IBC 2018.
  • God has used us as a PFO for 4 years as a preparation for a bigger task next year.
  • This list goes on and on…  but #InMyHeart is just blessed!

That is why all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH LORD! Thank you for blessing me, my family and all those people around me. May your name be praised at all times!!! #HEisTheREASONfortheSEASON

Let me close this post with this prayer.




God bless!







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