Hiatus 3.0 – JM Kayne, signing in & back at it

Hello family and friends! 

WARNING: This post doesn’t have a photo. Only words – words from my heart.

It’s been a while…

I’m happy to be back after the third year in a row that I went MIA during the lent season. For some of you it might be a first but some friends know the drill. To be honest, that’s the only sacrifice I’ve made this lent.  I was planning to do the “no soda” too but my brother-in-law was in town, so it was tough to keep up. 

Anyway, I’m dropping this blog post as a short wrap-up of the things/activities I’ve done in the past 40 days. Well, basically I have some ready-made posts that goes live even when I wasn’t really present. 

From March 6 to 18 April 2019 – I’ve kept myself busy with community life + the series of Dubai/Abu Dhabi exploration with Team Chavez.

  • Our Louvre Abu Dhabi visit is here.
  • Dubai downtown, souk and more is here.
  • We also visited Dubai’s Tolerance bridge. (Photoblog will be shared soon.)
  • A series of hop in and hop out from Dubai metro where we also explored many different cuisines especially Emirati food!

During these days too, I went on an interview – my very first one (live-in-person-interview) and did a second interview too! Crossing fingers that this is THE ONE. Will keep you posted about that. :D 

For the spiritual life/CFFL events like:

  • Echo Conference in Abu Dhabi
  • Senior Core Group in Dubai
  • Teachings with HST
  • KFL Dubai’s KPA
  • At Church we attended 7 Last words – with Bro. Emman as one of the speakers
  • Went on a confession on Holy Monday! It was a victorious day for me & for Him!
  • Of course, celebrated mass at 11 AM in St. Francis Jebel Ali – where I feel so blessed with Father Reinhold’s homily! Sharing it on the TAKEHOME-ILY series in a while.

There are more, yet I’d probably keep the others #inmyheart.

This is JM Kayne, signing in and back at it! ;)


God bless!

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