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DIY – MER 2 Giveaways

Hi there!

Another DIY blogpost here! It’s called 💝 love + light 💡.


MER or Marriage Enrichment Retreat is a pastoral formation teaching for married couples in our community, MFC Missionary Families of Christ in the UAE. It has a series of talk and has the vibes of a love forum/wedding mood.

As part of the service team, Kokobear and I were assigned to do the creative side on video presentation and giveaways. Koko did the video and mine is the giveaways. So this is what I came up. A bulb with lights inside and we added the family photo of the participant. A 🎀 ribbon and a heart accent to keep that pop color on!

Basically, the bulb is ready made, so what we did is we only added the photo inside, the ribbon and the heart with their names.

This project costs me 72.50 AED which is only 12-12.50 AED each. 😉💚.

That’s it! You can do it too!



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