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Just an OPINION – Stay C-H-A-R!

Just an opinion…

I am no expert to this, but I just thought of giving my 1-cent opinion on this matter.

As we all collectively collaborate and work to face the challenges brought by the Coronavirus, with the authorities looking at all possibilities… I just thought of expressing my opinion. Gusto ko magreply sa mga tao nga way laing gihimo pero reklamo ra. Pero diri na lang ko sa blog nako kay for sure gamay ra ang mu basa… haha dili ko ganahan makig-lalis… Grrrrr! Anyway – – –

What do we know so far?

COVID-19 is currently considered as PANDEMIC – meaning a world-wide health emergency crisis.

Counties and cities around the world have started to lockdown to safeguard the welfare of the people.

As of this post, (17-Mar) the current count:

  • 182,695 – Cases
  • 79,883 – Recovered
  • 7,173 – Deaths


No vaccine available yet – although scientist around the world have their heads and minds into it where one of them is currently on the human testing stage.


I’m currently abroad and watching news make me sad that a few of my fellow Filipinos aren’t united in this battle.

While the rest of the world, easily follows Quarantine/Lock downs/Social Distancing imposed by their governments and making the most out of it by following all other precautionary measures, the Philippines on the other hand has some people rallying and contradicting the President’s move.

I wonder, what’s the problem with police and military forces on the ground? The president said, “This is not a martial law!” Besides,,, military and police are in the ground to make PEACE AND ORDER AND SECURITY. Dili gets!?!

This is a matter of life and death, and prevention is better than cure.

Better SAFE than SORRY.

Despite the lack of vaccine, our Pinoy scientists from UP have developed a test kit with the help funded by DOST. The FDA has already approved the local test and now for field validation. Which we hope become effective.

I know for sure that our government is working day and night to ensure the safety of the people. Covering possible concerns that may arise with the decision being made such as:

  • Availability of facilities (such as hospitals/clinics)
  • PPEs for our Frontliners (Medical practitioners, police and others)
  • Assistance for daily wage people – for sure the government has this in mind. While I also appreciate a few celebrities using their fame to raise awareness and funds to support them.
  • Transportation services for Medical personnel and other front liners
  • Social Distancing etc.


A lot of small-minded people have expressed their dismay to whatever the President is doing, but setting all those aside (the “haters” mode and political play) – we  must or I understand the government – if the thing isn’t important – no need to go outside. We need to help each other, help the government by simply following.

Community Quarantine isn’t as bad as it is. It’s a time for all of us step back.

A time for reflection.

Family time.

Time to take things slow, pursue something new.

A good time to catch up all the “shelf books” you’ve been planning (for ages) to read. – this one especially for me! lol

Most importantly, this is a very good opportunity to keep our faith alive.  Prayer is the only weapon we have right now. Although masses in some locations have been suspended, but this never stops the church in doing alternatives such as online mass and other gathering.


Check out Cardinal Tagle’s Lenten Recollection 2020.


Filipinos have always been resilient through the centuries – this virus won’t stop us from being one again. With our faith and OBEDIENCE to the Authorities – we will conquer this!


Stay Safe Pinas!

We here in the UAE are also taking extra precautionary measures. I personally do some posters to remind people of the steps to protect ourselves.

Here’s an unofficial – Infracare poster I created (not yet circulated).

It says in this moment – At Infracare, we care!

I say – Stay C-H-A-R! 😊

  • C-lean
  • H-ealthy
  • A-way
  • R-eady


Complete poster below.



God bless us all!




Get real time updates for n-Cov numbers here: Worldometers.

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