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Self-care during COVID-19 Home Quarantine

This season – a lot of us have some down time, like many of you I understand that working from home might be very new to all of us. Some may get accustomed easily while others need time to adjust. 

For sure everyone of us are making our self and the people around us safe by staying at home, being calm, informed, doing the proper hand hygiene and practice social distancing.

Since staying at home is the best action we can do right now, why not use this opportunity to go inward and explore new things and most especially pressing importance on SELF-CARE.

So, I gathered a few self-care ideas that we can apply while we are at home quarantine. These are ways that we could manage the stress that we currently have.


1. UNWIND. Take time to enjoy doing your hobbies. A few minutes or at least an hour a day, spend time singing, dancing, painting, sewing, drawing or any other things that excites you.


2. NEWS BREAK. Take a break from the news. True that we need to be updated of the current situation, but taking a day off from the stressful news we hear/read can lessen stress. Make an effort to stay away from the negativities we see/read/hear from the news. Information overload makes our head ache. So why not take a break? Catch up some after a few day or two.


3. MEDITATE. Self-care includes mental health. Start doing 2-3 minutes of meditation, Calm your mind by listening only to your breathing – breath in and out.


4. JOURNAL. As always, this is my favorite way to release stress. Handwriting and freely expressing my thoughts through the paper and pen have been like a close friend. There are some reasons why I write, but in this time of uncertainties, releasing stress through journaling really help.


5. CONNECT. We have time in our hands. A time to connect and re-connect to families and friends. Today, social media/the internet becomes more and more useful especially for us – OFW to be in communication with our loved ones. Make time, spend time with them. :)


6. MOVE. Take care of your body. Exercise, sweat out. Aside from staying safe – stay health as well by eating a well-balanced meal and moving around our body is indeed a self-care. 


7. NOURISH SPIRITUALLY. Social distancing and events such as mass and other gathering might be cancelled but this doesn’t mean we can’t continue nourishing our faith. Churches around the world have been doing online masses and teachings. As for us in the MFC community, we’ve been doing a series of online teaching. MFC Dubai has recently done our first Online Area GA. Here’s the replay: MFC Dubai – Area GA CPR 1: Loving One Another.


True that the situation is overwhelming, but coping with stress through these self-care ideas will make us and the people around us safer and hopefully build a stronger community.


Before this post, I’ve shared 5 Small Ways to Help During Covid-19  and I hope that you are doing your simple way of being a “HELP”.

Let’s all stay safe and continue praying that God will hear our prayers soon.



God bless,










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