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#CreativeCourage2020 Recap

We have bid Goodbye to 2020 and Hello 2021. The moment or season of the year where we start over and list down our goals and also review the past goals and all other goal setting stuffs. As for me, I want to make a quick recap of what have I done in connection to my theme this year which is Creative Courage 2020.


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As I flip the pages (on my mind only – without reviewing my mini planner/notes/diary yet) – three things stands out – where I took my “creativity” in a courageous mode. haha as if I’m into a battle… which is considered “actual” is when you are facing “resistance” #WarOfArt.  Anyhow – here’s the 3:


JM Kayne on #JMTV

The Youtube channel that has been on for 10 years now but I’ve consistently created content only during the lockdown. You can check out some of my videos here.

HOPE Painting (on Faith – HOPE – Love) 

It’s been a while since I thought of completing my painting on Faith, Hope and Love. But only completed Hope this year. Again, I want to celebrate progressive – small steps are still progress. :D 

Self-Publishing The Creative Passport Workbook

This isn’t 100% complete yet – but I took the leap and decided to move forward with this way of publishing. Won’t divulge details for now but will definitely share it as soon as a clearer picture is painted. -.*


Now, going through the details from my planners/diaries – here are some more creative courage endeavors I’ve done this year.

  • Voiceover gig for MFC Middle East Couples Congress 2020 – check our the video here from Elle Studio.
  • Canva – related artworks for Youtube Thumbnails, community posters, and all other designs. Check out my Canva Referal Link here.
  • The Great Pursuit 2.0
  • Completed sharing my 2018 Story for SMC Filcom
  • Slides and PPT for Office at Infracare
  • Ohhhh my Plant Fam is considered a creative courage move for me too! – Check it out here. > 

Can’t see more. But will surely add it once I remember them.


How about you? What Creative Project have you done this year?

I would love to hear from you.


God bless you Creatives!

Stay safe.










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