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Office Mother’s Day Activity Ideas

Hello Creatives!

I’m back with another Office activity idea.

Earlier, I shared Valentines Day activity ideas in the office.

This time, since it is May, let’s focus on Mother’s Day.

  • Match this MOM
  • Finding Mama!
  • Match your Colleague to MOM!
  • Best Picture with Mom

I googled for sometime to get ideas on what to do in the office for this special day for the moms.

Of course it offered quiet a lot but most of them requires a budget because most of it are gift giving activity for the mothers.

I stumbled upon a friends post on Facebook where in her office where they have a wall with photos of all employees who are mother and with the Happy Mother’s Day greetings.

This sparked the idea from my colleague Sarah! Shoutout to her! 😊 – to do a little twist into it and gamify it.

In 2022, we decided to match the employees and their mother. Within the next 5 days I picked 15-20 employees and asked them (if ok) to share their photo and that of their mom.

Surprisingly we received from 16!

So this is how we do it.

  1. Gather photos from employees (you can decided how many)
  2. Print these photos and we posted it in our wall the day before the event.
  3. On the morning of the event, Employee Engagement sent an email about the photos on the wall with the instructions as follows:

In the email:

If you have noticed a wall of photos in the Operations area, it is that of few of our employees and their mothers.


Let’s play a matching game!

Match your Colleague’s MOM!  Or Match the MOM! Or That’s my MOM… ( we voted for the title) and this one won – FINDING MAMA.



  1. Match who is who, drag and drop to determine the mother – child pair. (Do it on the wall or using the attached PPT)
  2. Send us your matched entries by end of the day – 30 May 2022
  3. Submit your entry to (EMAIL)
  4. Only 1 entry per employee.
  5. Winner(s) stand to win a prize! In case of more than 1 correct entry, the one who sent it first will be considered the winner.
  6. The correct match and the winner will be shared through email the next day.


The Outcome?

Fun moments in the office! 😊


This 2023 – We Opted for a Best Picture with Mom contest. :) A simple gathering of photos with mom and we asked a few judges to give scores.


How about you creative, what did you do to celebrate this day in the office?


“A mother is your first friend. Your best friend and a forever friend.”


Have a great day and God bless!





Share you thoughts :)


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