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Thank you 2012

Thank you 2012!

It’s been four (4) days… 

2012 has passed and I am now facing the new journey of this year…
But before writing for anything this 2013, allow me to have a short review of last year!
Indeed, I started last year with a bang! Celebrating special days of Christmas, Lolo Delfin’s  birthday, New Year, Sinulog & 2nd Anniversary with Kokobear. I was also able to spend time with his family in the very beautiful beach of Boracay~ truly amazing!
After getting back to Abu Dhabi, something in my heart is very sure. Sure of the possibilities of moving out in ETSDC… And as God has promised, ” Ask & you will receive, seek & you shall find, knock & the door shall be upon unto you!” this thought has become a truth. True to His promises, he then led me to a calm Wednesday afternoon when all of my colleagues are chilling & just having fun in the office… We were all trying to find prospect companies and we found this oil and gas website that showed some emails for job hirings. So I sent my CV one after the other for about 4-5 companies.
A call came early morning of Thursday, asking me to meet the Training Manager of NDC – National Drilling Company – one of ADNOC Group of Companies- Abu Dhabi’s leading/ government owned company. My heart was thrilled & could not even sleep while on the bus to the office – 30 minutes was spent wondering, amazed  & thankful to the Creator!
To cut the story short, I nailed it! The process came from April to June 2012, new visa was released, went for medical, had a new Emirates ID registration, rendered my 1 month notice to ETSDC etc etc…
Although my heart goes to ETSDC, I know that this time God has answered the very core hope in me. The 3 & half years in the company served me very well, if not because of those up & down experiences, NDC wouldn’t hire me. :) I know that I have some “not so good” feelings towards some people inside but the moment I left, and these people have come to me; asked sorry & said their thank you’s I praise God for giving me the humble heart of forgiving & allowing me to move on. Surprisingly my boss even gave me a farewell dinner, the least I expected – but that one only shows that somehow I have made a good name while at work, I salute my parents for raising me well & that because of them people around me appreciate how I work & on how I value it.

And so life in NDC started officially on 4th of July 2012! Viva to the great Lord our God!
NDC life is good, learning new things & challenges, meeting new people with new culture and getting used to a new boss with new style! Go Go Go JM@NDC!


THE ANSWERED PRAYER: Found this on my pants & realize that this was my wish during 2011’s CFC-FFL’s Christmas Party

While Community life was a struggle, lots of challenges came along… from the very start of the year, up to the almost end… days/weeks when I & Darrelle almost gave up the service. Event/s that we didn’t show up, situations that has brought pain, disappointments from the people we look up, spiritual dryness and more. Somehow both of us thought it was difficult to overcome. I shed tears, felt my heart hurt again… and dwell on that for some time. While that part of my service was being challenged, my service to a new household group came up blooming! The current household members that I have seemed to be active & participative. They make me feel better &  motivates me to work harder in serving them. I thank God for this gift!

Family & friends at home are doing well. Mama, Papa & Dan-dan are good too! My heart is at rest because I have it with our good Lord & so I trust Him that He will take care of my family in behalf of me, of course my prayers doesn’t stop especially during the times when our country is being attacked with storms, earthquakes & typhoons  Viva Sto. Nino, Our Lady of Guadalupe & San Pedro Calungsod for protecting our place. I miss home… :( so much… I miss the warm hug of my family…
Moving on, love has been with me all year, challenges and arguments between me & Kokobear is of course present but we always find ways to patch things up. Although I admit that  I am really hard-headed, but again & again I thank the Lord for giving this man who understands me. Never have  I thought that I will be loved with someone like him! (ha-ha emo na! <3 )
Finally in every aspect in life I just cant stop praising, loving, adoring the Almighty God, Mama Mary & to all the Saints for the blessings they have showered in me. This year as well, I keep mentioning “ancestral blessings” because I know Lola Tanciang with Lolo Tikoy were such good Catholics/Christians, and I may not know Lola Ascion (may their souls rest in peace) – I know in my heart that they have done good in their life that I am blessed because they have been faithful! Of course Lolo Delfin is  alive & kicking – thank you Lord for keeping Him safe & healthy!
Cheers to 2012! And looking forward for a greater 2013! Thank you so much Papa Jesus! 

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