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Another 8! – My Blogging Journey so far . . .

My Blogging Journey so far . . . 

If not because of LinkedIn, I won’t remember that during this month (November) in 2008 right before I arrived in Abu Dhabi – I have started my little steps to the world of blogging.
 It has been 8 years!
To date, I still enjoy doing so.
Five (5) years ago I dreamt of having my own website during our SFL DISCOVERY WEEKEND – 2011 activity. I wished to use – but it has been taken already. This year I come to realize that it culminates that five (5) year plan we had in one of the activities and found out that I have ticked off this dream. So I’ve used It is only this year that I have created more than 60 blog posts and counting (last year 2015 – I had 55) – and it is also just recently when I officially leveled up my blog (in terms of content, design and other blogging niche thingy . . .) by purchasing my own domain. I am overjoyed! :)
Cheers to this opportunity to write what’s on my head. Cheers to the fact that indeed DREAMS come TRUE and I always honor God for these happenings. I know everyone can do this but not everyone has that guts to do so. That’s why whether I ace this field or not, I am already happy by just being able to continue expressing myself through this blog. To everyone who is apart of the 31K ++ views I THANK YOU! Again you make me happy and you bring joy in to my heart!
Yes, I drew this back in 2011: Got married –  þ (no babies yet)
Still in the community CFFL (CFC-FFL) – þ
Personal website / Blog  þ (Book not yet)
Teaching / delivering talks – þ

God Bless!

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