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Why I was hesitant to volunteer for SJC Kids’ Summer Camp 2017

Summer! A season when the kids are taking their break from school, and this year, SJC has organized another Summer Camp for kids.  In the beginning, I have no intention to volunteer for St. Joseph Church Kids’ Summer Camp 2017. Maybe some of you know, my husband Kokobear was the one who posted the ad on CFFL Abu Dhabi FB pages about kids/youth to join this camp, including volunteers. While he was doing that, I little voice inside me says I should give it a try. When I opened it up to Ate Lou, she was excited and so I told her to give me time because I still have some hiccups… Lo and behold, she was actually praying for me to join and to cut the long story short; when I said “yes” she was just finished praying.

Allow me to share, my very personal reasons about why I was hesitant in accompanying Ate Lou. Actually, the job is pretty much easy, I am the presentation personnel who queues the slides during the mass. Of course a little bit of assistance too for the Kid’s Choir while Ate Lou teaches them how to sing the songs.

Here are my 3 of the reasons why:

First, to go out of my comfort zone is just not easy.

My comfort zone for the past 6 months has been staying home: applying for jobs, watching tv, a little exercise, cook lunch and dinner for Kokobear, read books, create ideas for blogs, unli-Facebook, and the list goes on. Allotting my 5 hours from 4:00 PM – 8-8:30 PM is not my usual, not my comfort zone.

While listening to some productivity/ creative podcasts, it hits me when they emphasized that we must go out of our comfort zone/s and try something new. These are the moments when you know in your heart that you are being called to explore and take yourself into a challenge of going outside the comfort of our home and just dive into the unknown. So I prayed and I got His confirmation to proceed.

Second, I don’t have money to go and come back and forth (Home-Church-Home)

This is our first photo – Ate Lou & I during the day 1, briefing session of the SJC Kids’ Summer Camp on 9 July 2017.


This might be one of the biggest reason for me and for those who were considering to volunteer. Taxi fare nowadays here in Abu Dhabi is at the roof top! Gone are the days when you could reach the church for 10-12 AED, nowadays it’s between 20-25 AED one way. The public bus is possible, although it will take some time to reach the church and still needs to walk during this scorching heat! But then, I worry no more – God provides that Ate Lou took over. She’s my personal sponsor in this service. :) Thank you Ate!


And finally (third), I was hesitant because I’m not familiar with the sequence of the mass!

Yes! That’s a big revelation for me. I am a Catholic, I’ve been bold about this faith and I’ve been attending masses all my life – but there is a pang in my heart that hurts. :( That hesitation, that I felt was this! I am (or was) afraid of what I will do if the slides won’t work… How will I know what’s next? This and that and all other questions that are related to both technical issues and my personal issue of not being worthy to be assigned in that area because I don’t memorize the sequence of our own mass!!!

I wrote notes on the missal, highlighted some parts and go over masses on youtube to know which is which, what goes first and next and last. God also sent people to help me know what is proper Gospel or a Feast to change the readings of the day. I also learned that regular days don’t have Second readings. All these and more –  I won’t know if I haven’t volunteered.


That was 25 days to be exact – when I handled the slides (minus 1 because I was off for a day for MER 2). Minor technical glitches happened but the church people are just so helpful. I’ve also had the chance to assist the kids and Ate Lou with the tune of the songs – ha ha never thought I’d be singing – just a little :).

Here’s a shortie video I captured while the kids were practicing their finale’ presentation.

What I learned on this “somehow” mini #PassionProject of mine.

I called this a mini Passion Project because; this act of volunteering is indeed a part of my preparation as I take on a new journey to teaching. To teach is not new to me. I’ve been in that field since I was a kid, it is my major passion that I even finished university & become a professional. But, it has been almost 9 years since I last danced in that stage of nourishing the minds of students. This camp immersed me into that real world of how the youngsters of today are different from way back almost a decade of my minute experience. I am positive though that I’ve learned something from this 5 weeks journey.

To cap it off, I am blessed to be attending mass all week long. I’ve heard many different priests doing the homily. Even though their context are directed for the kids, the adults also have their own take home of those teachings. One night, the homily was about our fears – and on that day, I found out and literally defined one for me. All the while I know I have a little share of fear for this and that (heights, snakes, dark rooms etc.), but manageable. Nevertheless, my mind opened that I am actually afraid of the unknown, just like my third reason. Unknown of what happens next, unknown things that I might fail to do what is needed from me.

It’s amazing, how God works. In this camp, he provides. In this camp, he confirmed that nothing is impossible. In this camp, he knocked into my heart and reminded me of His daily presence.


God bless us all!





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  • Jane

    Getting out of my comfort zone is one thing that I am struggling with and my boyfriend hates it. I am not sure if am just scared to try something new or there are some other reasons, so I understand when you say it wasn’t easy. But I am glad you managed to do it and I am sure the kids loved you. I am Catholic too, but I tell you the mass sequence is a foreign language :)

  • Candy

    Getting out of my comfort zone is one of the hardest things for me too! Glad you got over your fears and I’m sure the children loved having you there :)

  • LeanneBrookes

    Good to see you pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone, and it looks like it paid off! It usually does. I feel we work best under pressure, even though it’s hard to initiate the first steps. Also, it’s great that you volunteer your time like that :) Thanks for sharing, Leanne x

  • Nay @ beautyaddictmama

    Well done you for getting out of your comfort zone. It definitely looks like it paid off for you. This is something I struggle with, I get too comfy and then worry about trying new things sometimes.

  • Sheree

    Aw, I am really glad to read your honest post about doubt and fear and practical things such as cost. Volunteering is so noble but people often forget that it takes a lot of sacrifices to volunteer (i.e. apply for a job that pays). I’m glad you were able to put these fears and doubts and hesitations aside and found rewarding time doing what you did.

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  • Shatia Mason

    I agree, it can definitely be nervewracking to get out of your comfort zone, however I’m glad that the camp paid off for you! I’m very introverted and at times it can be difficult for me to put myself into uncomfortable situations too. I’m sure the kids were extremely grateful to have your support.

  • Candace

    I am sure attending church all week was truly a blessing. Doesn’t god make a way when we step out of our comfort zones? So glad you were able to be a blessing to others :)

  • Chrissy

    It can definitely be difficult to get out of your comfort zone. I’m glad you were able to, though; sometimes getting out there and doing something different can change your life for the better. x


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