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Reversed Bucket-list

reversed bucketlist - iamjmkayne.com

I got this idea from Abbey Sy (@abbeysy) – an artist, author and creative that I’ve been following and has been inspiring me in some ways. She shared on her IG stories that her mentor taught her this idea, so –  it’s time to re-create this on my blog too!

The idea of having a bucket-list is a way to take initiative on the things you wish to accomplish. While a reversed bucket list allows you to write down the things you’ve already done & accomplished. Things that makes you happy and proud of. Thus, allowing you to appreciate what God has blessed you with.

Here’s to celebrating the things that has gone by and be a way to THANK the good Lord for all he has provided and showered to me and to my family. To God be all the Glory!

  1. Be a good daughter to my parents.
  2. Graduate 🎓 college/university (BSED major in Social Sciences.)
  3. Be a Teacher – and pass the licensure exam.
  4. Get my passport stamped before it expires. Traveled to Abu Dhabi in 2008.
  5. Visit other province/city outside Cebu PH: Bohol, Boracay, Palawan, Manila, Taal
  6. Travel Overseas: Abu Dhabi/Dubai, Singapore, Maldives, Sri Lanka
  7. Host/Emcee a School event
  8. Write a story (Got some of them, but haven’t publish it online yet.)
  9. Write a skit (CNU Comedy Skits for 2 years, a collaboration with fellow Social Scientist Herbs of Herbstauthoism and Ate Carmz Inosante.)
  10. Have myself my own website (Yeah! You’re reading it now: www.iamjmkayne.com)
  11. Travel Alone (to Abu Dhabi in 2008)
  12. Hike a Mountain (Taal and Sigiriya)
  13. Write for a magazine (The first published book review of mine is on Cebu’s magazine called Zee Lifestyle)
  14. Have my write ups published in a magazine and become an editor too! Hello CFFL The Vineyard Magazine. :)
  15. Get married! 
  16. Work in an HR Department (I did in the Learning and Development Unit of NDC)
More than these accomplishment, what matters most is GRATITUDE. 


Stay blessed and be God’s blessings.
God bless,
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