6 Free Things To Do/Visit in Dubai

6 Free To Do in Dubai - iamjmkayne.com

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As we are not in Dubai, it’s time to explore the sites and scenes it has has to offer. This time, I’ve gathered 6 Free sites and scenes to visit for FREE here in Dubai.

The photos says it all, personally I’ve visited 3 out of 6.

1.) Dubai Culture &  Heritage

@ Dubai Creek – This place will also show you the first house of the Sheikh. A very simple yet beautiful place. Visited it! :) 

2.) Camel Museum

@ Shindaga Heritage Village

3.) Free Movie Under the Stars

@ Wafi Complex Pyramid Rooftop

4.) Dubai Aquarium (limited areas)

@ Dubai Mall – Be amazed with the variety of fishes and sometimes catch a few divers feeding the fishes too! :) Such a relaxing view. Visited it! :)

5.) Dubai Fountain Show

@ Dubai Mall (outside) – Usually starts at 6-6:30 PM. The fountain may dance ans sway to some of the latest hits of our age. Sometimes honors a few artists and plays their songs while the waves and fountain lights and water sways to it! Visited it! :)

6.) Jumeirah Beach

@ Jumeirah Beach – The beach is one of the best ways to relax and the view of Burj Al Arab will also add it’s beauty! :)

Do you know of other sites?

Comment below and we will try to visit it too!

Keep exploring! Keep creating opportunities to relax and enjoy life!


God bless

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