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Goodies from 1000 Gourmet!

By now, you’d probably know that I love Korean food! <3 

True! So basically I’m always on a hunt of any Korean shops and restaurant. I found @1000gourmet on Instagram. Followed them for a while now and even joined some of their promotions and contest. Didn’t make it to the Korean trip prize last year – – – but this time I won for a goodies/voucher from their shop! :)


I sent my order last night and the next day? I got my package! ^^ 

How convenient & efficient is that!?

I ordered the following:


  1. Delicious Fish Cake
  2. Maxim White Godl COffee Mix
  3. Yopokki Snack Sweet & Spicy
  4. POOM Teokguk Rice Cake
  5. CJ Gochujang, Red Pepper Past (spicy) and a
  6. (1+1) My Cafe Latte Jeju Matcha Latte (220 ml)

and to my surprise, I got 2 more freebies!!!

3 pcs Willow masks and a Samjjang sauce! :)


Got nothing else to say but just THANK YOU 1000 Gourmet! :)

For your Asian grocery needs, check them on IG @1000gourmet!


Call: +971 4 882 9882

WhatsApp : +971 54 584 7741

The Onyx Tower 1, P2 #R04-2
The Greens, Dubai, UAE
[email protected]



#NotSponsored but hopefully will get the chance to collab with them soon! hehe






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