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I’m in LOVE! Office Valentine’s Day Ideas

Yes! It’s that time of the year already. The day we celebrate the hearts 💚  day!

My previous blog about this topic was more about its history. 14-February.

This time, let me share something different. This idea just suddenly popped-up into this “currently-less-creative-mind” (been busy with other stuffs) lately when I started thinking about Infracare’s Engagement activities. Oh by the way! If I haven’t already, with the new development and changes at work, I’ve been given the task of initiating Employee Engagement activities. While we had a short hiatus at the end of December and the whole of the new year (Jan 2022) due to the surge – a month after we’re ready to kick-off once again. 

Anyhow, let’s get into the point. On this blog – I’m sharing some of the ideas that could be possible to do in an office setting. Of course, this depends on your audience, culture, resources, budget – to name a few.

1. Wear Something Red! ❤️

This is the most obvious of all. Since it’s heart’s day, then red will be the suitable color to wear on the day. Although predictable – but its still a good way to set the mood in the office. Often there will be hearts to pin and yes – this made the cut for this year’s celebration at #InfracareFM. 😊


2. Appreciation Board

Since it is in the office setting, “love” for partner isn’t really applicable – so this month is also diverted to love and apppreciation. Most offices will set-up an Appreciation Board where colleagues can write a thank you note & express their gratitude. As for us, we’ve opted to create a Thank you card.


3. Decorate the Office

To set the love-ly mood, decorating the office with balloons and hearts around will boost that feels. You can also level it up by making it a competition among departments. Each office to decorate their space, or maybe a card board.


4. Make your own V-Card

This idea reminds me of Elementary Days when our teacher would ask us to fold our A4 (or Short size) bondpaper into two and draw or design a Valentine Card. Then give it around especially to your crush-es… hehe if you have enough courage. 😍 


5. Chocolates, Cookies and a Tea Party 🍵

Sweets, Sweets, Sweets! Say hello to your sweet tooth because chocolates 🍫  aren’t usually an absent. Another alternatives are cookies, donuts, cupacakes and more. To make sure you’re a little less guilty, partner it with a green tea! 😉


6. Share a goody bag! 🛍️

If you have a budget a small goody bag will definitely give a smile on the face. You can add chocolates, a little hearty stuffs and anything that’s nice  but not naughty of course! Keep it discent. Remember its still in the office.


7. Valentine Bingo.

You know the game right? This time only the items would be something related to love or valentines. You can pick it as full house or one word in each line of B-I-N-G-O. Take your pick!


8. Make a Donation

To do a good cause, as a company you can donate to any charity of your choice. Alternatively if you want to involve all employees, you can open it to anyone willing to give.


9.  Rom-Com Movies Quiz 🎥

This quiz can be done on a quick 20-30 minutes gathering, Q&A on site. Or you can also make it online where everyone get to answer on the chatroom. Or you can also send it on an MS Form/Google Form where the first to answer all of it perfectly gets to win your V-Day prize!


10. Office Movie Break 🎬

Finally, what better way to celebrate Valentines – if there is no movie? Well, its not necesarrily that you go out of the office. If you have a boardroom, you can pick any Romantic/Rom-Com/Appropriate movie from Youtube or Netflix, then you’re good to go! You can schedule it across the working hours at least an hour and give the employees their choice. Hmmm make it feel like a cinema, you can probably publish a schedule where they can pick the movie they’d want to watch. So, if its an 8-hour work – you can pick 4 movies spread across the working hours. If 1 hour is too much – we can also check out some short movies that runs at least 30 minutes. 

I’m sure you have your own ideas too. For now these are 10 activities for a fun-memorable Valentines Day in the office. Let me know in the comment section below – which one of these are you looking forward to?

Suggest it to your HR/EE Team and let’s see how fun goes! :)


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