Dubai – Emirati Food @ Al Bait Alqadeem R&C

Al Bait Alqadeem Emirati Heritage Restaurant & Cafe,

(Near Al Ras Metro Station (Old Dubai)

Emirati Food in iamjmkayne

It’s been a decade since I first moved to the UAE, but this will be my first ever authentic Emirati cuisine experience. This has become possible because Kokobear together with John2x (my bro-in-law) and Gladys (his gf) have decided to visit the Gold Souk at Diera (old city in Dubai) today. It was just a simple site-seeing session, riding the Abra, looking around some spices at the Suoq, also souvenirs for John to bring back to Italy and gold hopping! hehe As the night catches us up, we’ve decided to look for a place for dinner. Googled answered that there’s a nearby Emirati restaurant! A treat for all of us – who are first timer to eat in an authentic Emirati resto here in Dubai!

Won’t keep this long, here’s the details of this food trip!

Emirati Food -

We ordered:
  • Home Fish (Chef’s Choice) – grilled
  • Grilled chicken
  • Desert Plate (lamb meat with rice, raisins, spices, tomato sauce & yoghurt)
  • For desert we ordered the famous Emirati sweet called Luqaimat.
  • The first photo is a welcome food, called Mahyaveh (Bread with greens/vegetables, olive oil dip and the mahyaveh/ anchovy sauce. Plus a refreshing welcome drink.


Emirati Resto

The Ambiance

It feels being inside a center of a villa, about 10-15 tables are arranged outside and in one corner is a deep well that has a running water that sounds relaxing. 

Although outside seats are good, we requested to be moved to an exclusive room where we could actually experience the real set-up of an Emirati eating experience. Of course it didn’t disappoint us, we had the room exclusive for us. It’s a big room for 4 – I guess it can accommodate up to 15 people. Sharing our photos inside on my instagram @jm_kayne.

Our server was an African lady who was so accommodating and friendly. We had a few moments of chitchat about her daughter and the kids of today. She made us feel so comfortable. to our surprise the total cost of these meal was pretty much cheap! :D Cost us around 100-120 AED (for 4 pax).

Overall, the experience was great, especially when it is shared with family! :) 

Emirati Food @ Al Bait Al Qadeem EXPLORED & TASTED! :D


Enjoy life and keep creating!


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